Liam Bosecke (b. 1994) is an emerging 3D/multimedia contemporary from Adelaide, South Australia. Bosecke completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media) at Flinders University after transferring from the double degree Bachelor of Primary Education (R - 7), Bachelor of Arts.

Bosecke is creating distorted virtual realities through mixed digital media, manipulating physical forms in a destructive and experimental fashion. He is Investigating the extent of our emotional capacity through the manipulation of traditional perspective and application of emerging technologies. Bosecke’s work seeks to evoke an emotional connection from the viewer as he introspectively reflects on past experiences, relationships and spaces.

Bosecke has been working actively within the Adelaide Art Community since 2016 and has exhibited in galleries internationally. He has developed a close relationship with the international online art platform Felt Zine and with the multidisciplinary U.S. gallery chain Superchief Gallery: Exhibiting in numerous shows across the east and west coast of the United States. 

In 2018, his solo show for SALA Festival titled HI VIS was chosen as a finalist for the Unitcare Services Moving Image Award. During SALA Festival, Bosecke also participated in the group show Universal Citizen at Adelaide Airport.


Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media) 2018




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