HI-VIS 360

A complex relationship exists between us and the objects we interact with. Objects can provide an intimate comfort; they remind us of who we are and where we’ve come from.


When we dream we interpret the symbolism of our embodied experiences subconsciously. Liam Bosecke deconstructs these ideas through his exhibition 'HI VIS’. By meshing physical and virtual spaces, Liam explores the complexity and context of these relationships.


How do our relationships with objects define us?

Art and Music by Liam Bosecke


"Let the eye walk, let the eye dance!' - Jungle Phillips

Dreem Room brings together the work of outsider artist Jungle Phillips and 3D animator Liam Bosecke. Jungle's evolving masterpiece that is his home, Hartland, on Marion road in Adelaide, is translated in to digital space by Liam. Encapsulating Philips' ideologies in his own artistic vision.

This is a 360 degree VR capable video developed in Unity of the entire scene.

Art and Music by Liam Bosecke

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